Vibes Music Hotel is a unique space developed around Electronic Music. It is a place of life, a warm surrounding for insiders and newcomers, where music lovers can gather together through the universal language of Music. November 11th 2013 was the grand opening with Luciano & Ernesto Ferreyra!

A place for emotion.

This is a unique place, a space developed around electronic music. It's an energetic place with comfortable surroundings for experts or novices, where music lovers can find each other and unite in a universal passion – music.

Vibes Music Hotel is a concept hotel that will also host live music, a place where guests can enjoy different concerts and DJ sets. The hotel also has a "Rec Room", a recording studio where Vibes broadcasts musical discoveries on the radio. The opportunity is yours to have a unique stay in one of these 32 rooms.

Buenos Aires, a dynamic City!

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city with a strong identity and lifestyle, as well as a culture that loves to celebrate music. A big, fast-paced multicultural city, Buenos Aires is buzzing and music is an integral part of that.

South America's second biggest metropolis is a city at the vanguard of fashion. It has become an important economic centre, and you can feel excitement, energy, culture, and the future, all oriented towards a new lifestyle. The Vibes Music Hotel project is set against the backdrop of all this euphoria, and it has a style of its own in this cosmopolitan city.

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Vibes Music Hotel
Republica Eslovenia Las Cañitas Palermo,
1867 Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 4777-1426

Vibes Music Hotel ~ Grand Opening