Welcome friends and music lovers to 'Random Cuts', a new series of short films from Cadenza that delves into the minds of its artists, by handing them the reins to a video camera for 30 days to film their lives and reflect on what they do. Each episode is a self portrait shot by the artist, dragging us into their world. These random cuts see up close and personal footage of the DJs homes, travels, sets and thoughts edited by director Raphael Sibilla, into roughly 15 minute long insightful pieces, allowing the audience to really get to know the brains behind these talented musicians.

Beginning this journey into the heart of Cadenza, they leave you in the hands of Daniel Gardner, best known as Frivolous. The first DJ from Cadenza to deliver fragments of his everyday life by the use of our trusty mini HD camera, he has captured his travels, his discoveries, his family, but also his moments of loneliness and good-companionship. There are also brilliant interview-esque scenes, where he speaks in depth about how he joined Cadenza, his success and his musical influences. See the quirky Frivolous in action all over the world from festivals to clubs, and even trying to open tin cans.

Vagabundos / Frivolous / Random Cuts